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BY Ebtesam 2020-09-25

Skin Care Routine For Flawless Skin

A skincare routine is the best thing you can do for your skin. It does not matter if you want good skin or you have it, skincare is a must.
Day & Night Routine:

1. Cleansing is must! (Day & Night)

A cleanser is a skin care product that can help get rid of makeup, dirt, impurities, pollutants and dead cells from your skin. Before hitting your bed, always remember to cleanse your face with a good quality regular cleanser. You can also opt for natural face cleansers which are chemical-free. A cleanser will help you to get rid of dirt and grime that has accumulated on your face throughout the day. Make sure to wash with cold or lukewarm water as lukewarm water helps to open up your skin pores, getting rid of any unwanted residues. It will further unclog your pores that can result in deadly breakouts.

2. Always use Toner (Day & Night)

Using a toner removes any remaining impurities and shrinks pores, but it also restores the PH balance of the skin. Your face is naturally acidic, but the alkaline nature of soaps and cleansers alters this, meaning your skin has to work overtime to restore its balance. A toner can help it restore that balance more quickly.

3. Never Skip Antioxidant Serum (Night)

A face serum is a great addition to your skin care beauty regimen. Serum is composed with small molecules that penetrate deep into your skin, delivering all the vital ingredients. It helps in maintaining the skin elasticity by making your skin firmer. It can reverse any signs of visible lines and skin damage. Always apply face serum before moisturizing and after cleansing.

4. Use Eye Cream (Day & Night)

Stress at job and lack of sleep can take a drastic toll on your overall beauty and frequently results into dark circles and baggy eyes underneath your eye area. Use an under eye cream for dark circles every night before your bed time. It will also help remove the early signs of ageing as puffiness in eyes lead to wrinkles and the job of an under eye cream is just to shrink any evident lines, maintaining elasticity and suppleness of your skin.

5. Acne Spot Treatment (Night)

The best time of day to use an acne spot treatment is going to be at night, and it should be the very last thing you do as part of your skincare routine. Acne spot treatment is a cream that goes on clear and is used for immediate blemishes that are affecting your looks and self-esteem. You use this treatment directly on current and budding blemishes.

6. Apple Moisturizer (Day & Night)

Never ever forget to moisturize your skin before bed time. This one step can be really favorable for your skin. Cleansing daily can strip off your natural oils from your skin. A moisturizer ensures that it can again lock all the natural oil in without leaving your skin dry and flaky. If you’ve oily skin, it is recommended to always invest in water based moisturizer.

7. Don't Underestimate Sunscreen (Day)

To ensure that your sun protection works efficiently, it is important to apply at least 20 minutes for heading outside. Apply evenly over your cleansed face and any other exposed parts of your body. To maximize the effectiveness of sunscreen, it should be applied generously. In order to cover the average adult body and to achieve the stated SPF, each person should aim to use at least 6 to 8 teaspoons of lotion in each application. If too little is used, there will be less protection.


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